My name is Grant Ly and I’m a photographic artist from San Francisco, California. Growing up a just a block away from Ocean Beach on Noriega Street, the ocean has always been my second home. At the age of 14, I rented a surfboard and caught my very first wave at Linda Mar Beach in Pacifica. I received my first camera two years later and have been teaching myself photography ever since. Most of my friends think I’m crazy for jumping into cold water in the dark, swimming on my own two feet with camera in hand, or for getting up at 4am to drive two hours only to find out the conditions are terrible and get back in time for my 11am class, doing it all purely for fun. 

In this digital age, we are often overwhelmed with content that’s only of detriment to our limited attention spans. The more I look back at the times of great elation, it was simply being outside with friends, sharing moments of epic waves, vivid sunsets, and traveling to new places with no preconceived notion of the day, yet the experience doesn’t cost a penny or need a network connection. What matters most is what I believe to be my biggest sources of inspiration, to never stop learning,  to understand the tapestry of nature, to make art and share the stoke with others, and ultimately be part of a positive change in this world; that is what photography means to me.

“I am always learning.” – Michelangelo

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Prints are custom made upon request in a variety of sizes and surfaces and directly support my photography. Please message me if interested.

16×24″ Metal @ Steel Bonnet Brewing Company Scotts Valley, CA

40×60″ Large Metal Print


8′ x 6′ Wall Size Print

16×24″ Acrylic Print / 5×7″ Acrylic Block

Available for local pickup:

Ocean Beach A Frame 16×24″ Signed Print on Canvas Ready to Hang












Stormy Day Bridge 24×15″ Signed Glossy Metal Ready to Hang

Golden Gate Lookout 24×16″ Signed Matte Metal Ready to Hang