January 17, 2019

My first time shooting Sandys beach was back in 2015. I was wearing booties so my fins would stay on my feet, but with the sand flushing in, it was no longer tolerable. While rinsing off in the parking lot, Marcus came up and said hi. He saw the sand pouring out of my booties and said “oh yeah, you don’t want to do that, the sand will grind up your feet”. I asked him where I can get some new DaFins, and he happily pointed me to a shop just a few minutes away. I was able to get a new better fitting pair of fins and go out the next day. Little did I know he was a local bodysurfing legend, I got a few sequences and shared it with him. I keep looking forward to the next time I go back to the island, already knowing I’ll run into him again. It’s easy to notice how he was always looking out for others and sharing nothing but good vibes in and out of the lineup. It is with a heavy heart, to know he caught his final wave this morning. Aloha, my friend, we’ll all miss you.