Lake Tahoe Gallery

Underwater              Over Under              Aerial              Golden Hour             Night

Underwater Patterns. August 2018

Electric Ripples. August 2018

Just a few yards from the shoreline, it is hard to comprehend the often unseen underwater world. The ripples in the sand were created by the gusty winds from the previous day, and getting there right at opening, later in the summer season, I was rewarded with this footprint free spectacle.

Sand Harbor. June 2018

I’ve always thought I needed to get on an airplane to get water clarity of this magnitude. As Lake Tahoe is renowned for its water clarity, I couldn’t help but to put my mask and snorkel on and explore the depths. Best of all, I’m already showered when I get out.

Lines & Rays. June 2018

Lake Floor. June 2018

D.L. Bliss. June 2018

Swimming Pool. June 2018

Secret Harbor. June 2018

Rock Lot. June 2018

Grass is Greener. August 2018

Wind Lines. August 2018

Deep Blue. June 2018

Frozen Pockets. March 2018

Tunnel Rock. September 2017

Tropical Alpine. July 2017

Placid. September 2017

Frozen in Time. July 2017

Night Dynamics. July 2017